Biology-food and nutrition

I feel like I am back in my classroom learning all this stuff again.
At least I don’t have to take a 3hour full paper for this again:p
I shall angle this blog in terms of food and nutrition because it is my forte.
Firstly diets. There are so many out there. Vegan, meat eater, vegetarian . The yogi 3 body type, blood type diet, palelo diet, iifym diet. The list can really go on.
Though I agree that the rough categorization of the body type. Endomorph, echo orphans mesomorph. Diets however is variable. And it is truly up to an individual body and needs not some hard and fast rule .
Most individuals would want a skinny body and to achieve this is really about the basic principle of calorie deficit and body manipulation so that the body utilizes its glycemic store.
Note I am not a nutritionist and can at most advice based on my own experience.
In terms of food the body does not really care what you put in your mouth only your eyes and your brain does. The body sees things in terms of energy, carbs, fats protein and the other nutritional values.
600kcal of fries is still equivalent to 600kcal of protein
But the nutrition in the protein is something usable as the body needs it for restorative purpose. While the excess fats in the fries would just be stored as fats.
Even then It is also important to note that our body needs fats in order to function. We need the mono saturated fats such as omega 3 ,omega 6 to keep our skin nice and supple and to keep serotonin levels high( the feel good hormone) and to prevent coristol levels from rising. As coristol the stress hormone would trigger the fight or flight response in an individual and our body would go on a starvation mode thus leading to weight gain.
Our body is an incredibly responsive being. It’s sole purpose is to survive ; not to be “pretty”
So if you want nice bodies . You would have to eat and work for the body you want.
And just to add nothing is impossible.
Niralambaya Tejase

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