Personal Challenges of Tirusula 200Hr Yoga Teaching training course (and how I overcame them)

Waking up early
I have not woken up at 6am on a regular basis for a long time, so going to bed early and waking up early was initially quite a concern for me. I was used to sleeping late, and it was quite difficult for me to get to bed before midnight. However, after getting up early in the morning on a regular basis, I realized I did not need as much sleep as I thought. I also felt that I had more energy, as well as more time in the day to complete what I had to do, when I woke up early in the morning. Waking up early is no longer considered a challenge for me, and I have integrated it into my daily routine.
“Impossible” postures
Before the start of the course, there were postures which I found nearly impossible to do, such as Sirsasana, Supta Kurmasana, and Marichyasana. When attempting such difficult postures (at least for me), it was physically very challenging, and I had to overcome my mental fear (e.g., of falling, breaking my arm) as well. Nevertheless, with the training, help, and encouragement of the yoga masters and trainers at Tirisula, I improved tremendously in my asanas, and these “impossible” postures became possible for me to get into.
Working out when muscles are sore from the day before
Muscles take time to recover, with estimates ranging from one day to three days. As we did our physical practice daily, on some mornings, parts of my body was aching from the day before, which made the practice quite challenging. However, as the days pass, my body got stronger, and my body did not ache as much, though our practice got more intensive. I also made it a point to stretch properly after each practice, which helped to reduce muscle soreness.
Concentrating on theory after the physical practice
After the physical portion of our course each day, we had the theory portion. It could be quite a mental challenge sometimes, when I was tired, to focus and concentrate on the lesson. Master Satya is extremely knowledgeable about the anatomical and physiological aspects of yoga, and I thoroughly enjoyed her lessons. Master Paalu has an extensive knowledge of yoga philosophy, and I appreciate his sharing of his knowledge as well. I was motivated to learn because I always went home everyday learning something new. That motivation to learn more about yoga kept me focused on our daily lessons. My peers in the yoga course were also encouraging and that helped to make the daily lessons quite fun.
Leow Yi Jin

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