Perfection in Poses?

Wouldn’t it be convenient if all things in life were effortless?  I am in a constant state of striving for effortlessness, in many aspects of my life, but especially in my Asana practice.  I love to watch Yogi’s on DVD or the Internet who move into and out of seemingly perfect poses while making it look completely effortless, and I think – “yes!” this is what I am working toward, this is my goal.  I want yoga Asana’s to submerge so deeply into my day-to-day life that I wake up one morning and find myself having slept in Adho Mukha Svanasana.
Then I try to pinpoint exactly what effortless means.  I try to define it and give it certain exact specifications.  Which of course leads to frustration and ultimately a humorous understanding that it is not definable, but it is also not indefinable.  There is in fact no need or desire to define it at all.
Effortless is a constantly moving target, changing day-to-day or even moment-to-moment. I cannot define or put perimeters around that which is always changing.  Nor would I want to.  How can my daily practice bring new surprises, challenges and joys if I’ve already boxed in everything that will happen and everything that I want to happen, before I’ve even unrolled my mat?
Now my focus rests on the fact that every pose I do, every time I do it, is effortless.  Every breath, every Asana is perfect; it is yoga perfection obtained, effortlessly.   Does that mean I look like the Yogi’s in the DVD’s? Sometimes. Does it mean I don’t still have a very long way to go and a lot more to learn? Hardly.  Does it mean that I walk off my mat everyday after finishing my practice with a big smile on my face and positively brimming with happiness? Yes. Yes it does.

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