Perfect recipe for yoga party

To have a balance nutrition you need to have a protein carbs Vitamin and menial but even thought if you have these 5 if you chose the wrong food then it will not go well in your body like it spots to:(:(
So to have a healthy food it better to eat foods like flute instead of eating candy nuts instead having a potato chips brown rice instead having a white rice
They is a lot of losing weight diet in the world and some of diet is crazy like only eat banana(I wanna ask the are you trying to be monkey???)
My friend was doing the diet call ice diet so every time you get hungry she eat ice covered ,
The diet is crazy of course she was loosing weight she was so happy that she was losing fat,but actuary it’s not just fat the she was losing her muscle was also losing
Anyway those crazy diet is just harmful for you body
Eating healthy and exercise is the best
(Perfect recipe that everybody can eat❤️)
Tofu stir fri
Thing you need
: tofu
: green cabbage
: sprouts
: onion
: green onion
: salt
: pepper
: chopped garlic
: olive oil
1 heat the pan and put the olive oil to the pan
2 put the chopped garlic and also tofu
3 put the onion, green onion, green cabbage, sprouts and stir the pen
4 when the vegetable is cooked put some salt and pepper
This is really simple and easy to make and nutrition is good(protein from tofu, vitamin from vegetable)
But something is missing !!!
Carbs!! So add some brown rice in the meal then it’s a perfect beautiful meal
This recipe is also really good for the yoga party reason way is because in this recipe is using tofu instead of using meat
The way everybody can enjoy it!!

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