People With Diabetes Eat More Vegetables and Fruits

There is a diabetes history in my family. My grandmother (my mother’s mother), my mother and  one of my elder sisters. It is not common to see diabetes in my grandmother’s generation, but it is a common chronic disease in my mother’s generation when they are at their 50’s or 60’s.  And now, it becomes younger and younger. Many of my mothers’ peers in my hometown have passed away or become blind in last 10 years or even earlier due to improper blood sugar control or lack of knowledge to control it. In 2007, the first time I invited my mother to Singapore, her blood sugar with empty stomach was 10mmol/L due to heavy diet in China and she had high blood pressure also. After 8 years, her blood pressure goes to normal and empty stomach blood sugar is controlled within around 7mmol/L most of the time, and the reason is probably our low salt, low fat diet in my house comparing with my hometown. One thing she is curious to know is “Do you think I should eat Fruits, it is so sweet?”  I had no direct answer, Intuitively, I believe fruits are good food and always encourage her to eat more. And her observation from one of her friends who dared not to eat fruits and were strictly following doctors’ suggestion shows that the side effects of not eating fruits are more than the negative impact of sweetness itself. Those people have very dry lips and skin is pale.
However, most of the scientific researches published in papers from meta-analysis indicate a lack of an association between the consumption of vegetables and fruits and the risk of diabetes. Because of this, there is probable evidence that the risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus is not influenced by the consumption of vegetables and fruit. Only finding is the risk of diabetes was significantly reduced in persons that consumed relatively large amounts of green leafy vegetables. If so, shall they eat more normal veg or Fruits?
My personal answer to this is still Yes. ( For your reference and discussion only).
The reasons are

  1. Vegetables and fruits have a lot of fibre which are not digested in our body. Enough fibre helps us cleansing the toxin esp. in intestine and colon which are part of receiver of the hormones from relative glands. The residual material will affect the negative feedback system in endocrine system, which indirectly affects the central system who is controlling the hormones to regulate the blood sugar.
  2. Vegetables and fruits, due to high fibre, provide our digestive system a signal that we are full , which helps control the total amount of food we want to eat. So that we are not eager to eat more wheat and meat that is not necessary
  3. The tastes of Vegetables and fruits vary and most of them are alkaline after digested. The tastes create the happiness of eating and living. It improves our appetite and also provide neutralizing function for the acid fruits we eat to promote a more balancing diet.
  4. Rich vitamins in vegetables and fruits promote general health

In my personal opinion, eat what we want to eat and eat wisely is more important. It is not necessary to follow doctors to control only half apple or half pear, etc. listen to your body, use the signal from body to adjust the diet is more effective than following a doctrine. Everything has two sides, do not stop good thing just because of its natural sweetness.
Wan YH ( 200Hr YTTC (Hatha/Ashtanga ),  class May 2015)

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