A peaceful mind is our greatest wealth

A peaceful mind is our greatest wealth.
Asteya is a Sanskrit word that means “non-stealing
“It’s been said that “all the wealth of the world will be drawn to one who has mastered the practice and discipline of Asteya.”
On a surface level, practicing Asteya can mean literally not stealing money out of someone’s pocket. It can also mean not hoarding materials you don’t need, mindlessly consuming natural resources, coveting other people’s possessions, or appropriating other people’s ideas.
Practising Asteya remind me that my source of happiness is internal, Asteya has shown me more than stealing material items, also means not taking that which is not offered, including time, energy, feelings, thoughts or ideas.
With each passing year, my life seems to accelerate. I’m highly conscious of how little time I have left to do the work that needs to be done also highly conscious of how little time I have left with my grandparents, parents, and family. — to make time for my them, do not take time for granted.
How I practice Asteya: non-stealing of other’s time in my work to have more time for my loves one and also learn not be too competitive.
Firstly, Always show up to meeting on times and do not let other people wait for me so that all of us will have more time to do their own things.
Listen to other people ideas and feelings; only speak out when the better idea is being projected. Sometimes silence is golden.
Try to avoid changing my mind, mid-stream — especially if new choice creates a significant inconvenience.
Make it easy for people to understand you, Nothing steals away time like struggling to decipher what someone is trying to say.
Fully embodied in Asteya, non-stealing, i become content and peaceful. A peaceful mind is our greatest wealth.  Most of us struggle, fight, and strive to achieve all our lives because we have no peace of mind.  We worry that what we have and who we are isn’t enough.
Angel Chong Wai Fah
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