Pawan Mukthasana

Pawan Mukthasana (Wind Releasing Pose)
Pawan = Wind / Gas
Mukta = Release

Step by step instructions
1. Start in a supine position, arms by your sides.
PM 1

2. Inhale, lift both legs up slowly off the mat.

3. Exhale, bend the knees close to the chest. Keep both knees and ankles together. Hug knees tightly holding opposite elbows.

4. Inhale, lift head up. Nose between knees. Hold here and breathe.

Muscles activated
• Neck: Semispinalis capitis, splenius capitis longissimus cervicis stretched
• Arms: Biceps contracted, triceps stretched, lateral and posterior deltoids stretched (when arms are bent and holding onto legs)
• Core: rectus abdominis contracted
• Legs: quadriceps, rectus remoris stretched, hamstrings contracted, gluteus maximus stretched
• Hips: Hip flexors contracted
• Back: lattisimus dorsi, trapezius, rhomboids stretched

• Creates a compression in the abdomen area, stimulating the digestive system, which removes gas. Regular practice stimulates bowel movement.
• Alleviates constipation
• Good to rid bloated stomach
• Gentle stretch to the back and neck muscles
• Helps with menstrual issues
• Pawan Muktasana activates the Manipura chakra in the navel area.

• Pull knees towards chest gently. Avoid overstretching the legs.
• Overstretching by pulling on the legs too much causing a strain / cramp
• If there is neck injury, the head should remain on the floor

• Recent abdominal surgery
• Pregnant women
• People who suffer from hernia, stomach ulcers or piles
• People with slipped disc

Counter pose
Pawan Muktanasana itself is a great counter pose to backbends, e.g. Urdhva Dhanurasana
Rocking side to side in Pawan Muktasana also helps to give the back muscles a gentle massage

Cheryl Li (200hr Yoga TTC 07/14 weekend)

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