The Path to Yoga.

I used to be a workaholic, burying long hours of work into the night, compromising dinners with suppers; living rather unhealthily. Then, I practiced Bikram Yoga to destressed, but not on a regular basis.

Some time, mid of this year, the irregular life-style took a toll on me and triggered an infectious eczema around my lips. Despite having a history of allergies to dust and food, eczema never crossed my path. Thereafter, a daily dosage of 2 anti-biotics each in the morning and night accompanied me for nearly 3 months. I have never taken so much medication in my life before. My body felt so lethargic, mind, ever so weak and looks, never as haggard. It would take me almost 2 hours to finish a meal; I have to use a straw to drink and wear mask to work.

Then one day, while resting and tuning into a program on gymnastics. I realized that I need to do something for a change. Those gymnasts did not achieve those moves without putting in effort!

Yoga came to my mind. I reckoned that I need to learn more in depth about it to give me the inner strength and flexibility, on my route to recovery. I need to revisit each and every asana technique. So without hesitation, I signed up for the 200-hour Teacher Training Programme to enhance my journey to yoga. Here I am, a balanced and healthier new me.