Why am I passionate about headstand?

I remember very clearly the first yoga class I went to. I entered the room, the teacher was not here yet and I saw many students standing on their head and breathing a funny way, making a Darth Vader sound. I guess it was an advanced class!
I had no idea that several years later headstand and Ujjayi breathing would become familiar to me.
Since that time, headstand fascinated me. During classes, I would enjoy watching the other students lifting their legs in the air while resting on their arms. I was trying but not succeeding, thinking I would never manage to achieve this pose.
In March 2011, I broke my tibia in several places and my tibial plateau. I had to undergo surgery and a rod was inserted along my tibia. I was immobilized for several months. During the first weeks, I was lying in bed most of the time, being allowed to bear only 20 pounds on the broken leg. I had to walk with a walker and, when I regained strength, with crutches. I remember having to ask for help, even for a glass of water, because when you walk with crutches, you hands are full and can’t carry anything.
After the accident, I couldn’t go to yoga classes and missed them a lot. I transformed the desperation of being bedridden into a strong resolution: headstand would eventually be mine
Several months later, after having learned how to walk again, I was able to go back to yoga classes. I tried to do headstand, I worked hard, I asked for advice, I spent months in my gym against a wall trying to lift my buttock in the air. And one day, it was magic, the buttock did lift in the air. Since then, I refined the pose and ended up doing it in the middle of a room.
From that moment, it has always been a pleasure for me to teach other people how to do the pose through all the steps I went through. I feel like I am fulfilling an assignment that was given to me.
Carole A.

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