Part 1 – The Intro (my entrance to yoga)

Seems like yoga is the easiest exercise in the world? Slow movements and gentle postures can make you perspire a lot in one hour, and the most important thing is, as an exercise, it will definitely help me slim down! I started my yoga journey happily with the expectation that I would easily slim down and become fit! (woohooo!!! 😀 )  

Like in a lot of stories and movies, there is always a “BUT” after you went through the initiation. Yoga is not something easy to achieve my slimming goal. I felt frustrated, disappointed and upset about the “truth” of practising yoga for a while. However, I still did not give up on yoga and chose to continue practising because it brought much more “surprises” to me than “disappointment”. In the beginning, I could not lift and straighten my legs 90 degrees perpendicular to the ground when lying on the mat. I could not touch my toes and bend forward, but now I can straighten my legs as my core area has become stronger and I can touch my toes and do forward bend through many practices which helped to increase my flexibility. These little achievements may not be impressive to others, but it surprises and gives me ample encouragement to persevere. I started feeling the changes in my body and mind, I became more positive and less conservative, i.e. willing to take on and believe I can do certain difficult poses such as headstand. Besides yoga, the change in my mindset also influences my value system and beliefs; I become stronger and trust myself more and more. 

These minor changes and achievements made me feel that yoga is amazing and because of that, I decided to sign up for the 200YTT course as I want to have a deeper understanding of yoga and continue my practice. Yoga does not only improve my physical being, but also mentally. 🙂