Parsvottanasana ( Intense Side Stretch)

English Name-  Intense Side Stretch 

Sanskrit Name – Parsvottanasana

Step 1 : Stand in Tandasana position 


Step 2:  Inhale step right leg back about 1 feet distance away from left leg. Right toes facing out 45 degress while left toes pointing forward. This is a narrow pose. Align your hips first followed by body and feet. 


Step 3: Externally rotate your shoulder, bring your arms to the back, palms together in reverse namaste position



Step 4: Inhale, lengthen your boy and exhale, lean your torso forward over right leg, folding from your hips. Remember to relax your inner thigh if you find your hips slanting. Hands to be in line with toes. Remain for 5 deep ujjaya breathing.


Step 5: Inhale pull the tailbone down as you come up without rounding your back 



1) Hold your elbows together if shoulders are too tight for reverse namaste position

2) Bend front knee slightly if you have tight hamstrings

Muscles Activated 


2) Hamstrings

3) Quadriceps 

4) Wrists 

5) Shoulders 


Physical Benefits  

1)Strengthens legs and knees 

2) Gives a good stretch to legs, hips, spine, shoulders and wrists 

3) Opens your heart center, allowing for a higher breathing capacity


Mental Benefits 

1)  Improves body balance and invigorates abdominal organs for digestion 

2) Calming, clears brain from outside thoughts/worries


Spiritual Benefits  

1)      Enhances the Anahata chakra 


Precaution and Contraindication 

High blood pressure and back injury – avoid folding all the way forward 






 Mel (200hr Yoga TTC 07/14 weekend)

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