Parivritta Trikonasana ( Revolved Triangle Pose)

Pronunciation and Meaning

Parivritta Trikonasana

par-ee-vrit-tah trik-cone-AHS-anna

Parivritta = to turn around , revolve

Tri = three

Kona = angle
This is a challenging pose . If you wobble or lose balance , it is alright , just try again  .  If your legs are shaking then your muscles are working hard . Make sure your stand is strong before you start the pose . Be happy with a little improvement .
Though sometimes I will lose balance too but with awareness of knowing which part of the body to use or muscle to engage , it is easier to get in the pose . I like this pose because it makes me feel good . Probably , because I am able to twist my torso and opening up my chest and shoulders .
The following steps to get in the pose  :

  1. So to begin in this pose , you will need to stand in Tadasana . Bring the right foot back and turn around to face the back . Stand about 3 feet apart . The front foot will pointing forward , ankle plantarflexion while the back foot supinated at heel , pronated at forefoot about 45  degrees to the right . Align the heels with each other , contract the thigh muscles ( rectus femoris , vastus lateralis ) and external rotate the thigh so that the kneecap is in line with the center of the ankle .
  2. Place the both hands at the back ( gluteus ) . Exhale , and squaring the hips to the front and hinge at hips to fold forward till parallel to the floor with neutral spine .
  3. Inhale , and raise the left arm parallel to the floor .
  4. Exhale , using the internal and external obliques to twist the torso to the right and place the left hand over the right leg to reach the mat and place the left hand next to the outer side of the right foot . Gaze on the mat .
  5. When you are more stable then turn your head to the right to gaze up to the ceiling with inhalation . To complete the spinal twist , feel the left chest rotate through while the right chest opens to expand your ribcage .Then extend the right elbow and lifting arm up as though you reaching towards the ceiling , this is to prevent the shoulder from collapsing .
  6. Hold for 5 breaths . Every exhalation , gently draw the abdominal muscles in toward the spine and spiral deeper into the skyward twist .  Engaging the gluteus medius ,  gluteus minimus and thigh muscles by contracting them to balance . Dristhi point is right thumb .
  7. Inhale , release the twist by lifting the left arms up and  bring the torso back to upright  .  Turn to face the other side to repeat the steps for the left leg .

Benefit of this pose :

Strengthening and stretches the legs . Stretches the hips and spine . Open the chest to improve breathing . Stimulates the abdominal organs and improves sense of balance

Breathing for this pose :

The more open the pelvic structures are , the easier the balance and breathing will be . If not the upper body will be held stiffly in rotation against the resistance of the lower body , and the diaphragm , abdomen , and rib cage will have resistance in their movement .

Have fun . Namaste .

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