Parighasana (Gate pose) Modified version

This is one of the best side bending poses in yoga. We will simultaneously lengthen one side and shorten the other. This pose helps the torso to stretch and become more flexible. It is good for the lungs, kidneys and for the digestive system. It is a modified version of the full pose but I thought it is a good start to feel the sensation of the stretch.
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Getting into the pose

  • Start in a kneeling position
  • Abduct the left leg out from the hip with the toes in dorsi flexion
  • Keep the right leg resting on the knee. Please place a folded mat or a towel underneath your right knee in case you have a knee issue.
  • Keep the right foot plantar flexed
  • Square your hips to the front tuck the tailbone in
  • Let your spine side bend toward the abducted leg but don’t let your shoulders drop. Keep them in a nice alignment with your hips and leg
  • Lift your right arm and stretch over the head. Feel the stretch in the intercostals
  • Reach your left hand as far down the left leg to get a nice deep stretch
  • Gaze up at your right hand
  • Open up the chest to the ceiling

Getting out of the pose

  • Inhale bring your arms to the center
  • Exhale bring your left leg back to a kneeling position

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