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The chin stand (Ganda Bherundasana)

Disclaimer: Please attempt this pose only when your body is warmed up and when you are already confident with your sirsasana (headstand). In my opinion, I see the chin stand pose as a combination of chaturanga + upward facing dog. It is a very deep back bend pose that requires

Yoga and Weight Loss

As a woman and living in an Asian country, our body appearance and weight is one of the most concerned and talked about issues in our life. And some might start yoga for helping their weight loss. But, is yoga truly beneficial for weight loss? Are we really able to

Claudia Jiang – Yoga and Asana

Yoga and Asana Asana collectively constitute the physical aspects of Yoga and are known to have immense physical and mental health benefits. (Yoga for anxiety and depression). In the Yoga Sutras, Pantanjali defines “Asana” as “to be seated in a position that is steady and comfortable” (Swami prabhavananda, Pantanjali Yoga

Downward facing dog – which muscles stretch and strengthen?

One of the most practiced asana in yoga classes would be Adho Mukha Svanasana, or so called ‘’downward facing dog’’. Although we practice this asana an uncountable number of times, we often forget how many checkpoints there are, like not only lengthening your spine, hips up towards sky but also

Claudia Jiang – Yoga and Nutrition

Yoga and Nutrition   According to Ayurveda , there is no one single diet or food is healthy for every individual. Ayuvedic emphasize a proper diet is vital for our health and happiness. As yoga practitioner, when we are balanced, our mind , body and spiritual sync, we will desire

Claudia Jiang – Yoga Anatomy

Yoga anatomy   It is important to learn anatomy as a yoga instructor. It will help to facilitate healthy practice and share with students what’s going on in the body. For example, by understanding how the spine works, it can help us to work with students in forward and back

Achieving peace of mind through meditation

I have always wanted to do meditation but have always found it difficult because of the anxiety within my mind. All thoughts are running in my mind when i tried to meditate in the past. The funny thing is that the more i want not to think of something the

Claudia Jiang – Yoga Philosophy

Yoga philosophy   Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice or discipline, which originated in India. (kamalashila 2003 ) based on sanskrit, Yoga means “to unite”. According to Panini, the writer of Yoga Sutra, yoga means Samadhi (concentration). (yoga sutras, Panini). The history of yoga has been speculated to

What comes into play during a jump back?

“Arms up, fold forward, half way lift and jump back.” These are the first few steps in a sun salutation and a vinyasa transition between standing poses. What roles exactly does the jump backs perform in our practice? In my opinion, I think the jump backs are part of training


In class I was told that I am pitta, qualities reflecting the elements of fire and water. Doshas (vata, pitta, kapha) can tell you a lot about a person, what you should eat, reflects your physical features and personality. So when you are pitta, we are instructed to avoid sour