Padmasana: A Personal Tribute

Padmasana, why do you torture me so?
Being the foundation of so many asanas, you are one I cannot forego, Pindasana, Kukkutasana, Utpluthih, just to name a few,
I must continue this battle and make the breakthrough! I do not have excuses, like sciatica, weak or injured knees,
It will just take persistence and I will perform you with ease, Remembering to lift my chest, squeeze my shoulder blades and not round my back,
Lift my abdominals up, knees not too high off the floor; these tips should get me on track.
Once I have mastered you Padmasana, the benefits are many,
As the first step towards meditation, I will practice you plenty,
Reducing blood pressure, decreasing muscular tension,
I could go on but there are too many to mention!
Being the symbol of beauty and fertility,
Representing eternity, purity and divinity, Padmasana, you are a vital piece of the Yoga story,
That is why I must perform you in all of your glory,
As the Bhagavad Gita encouraged, be like the Lotus, Work without attachment, of this we should take notice.
The journey is long, but to experience success,
Continue to reach the highest level of consciousness.

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