Overcoming fear

Headstand, Pincha, handstand and all sorts of inversion challenge your mental and physical boundaries. I must say after this YTT, I have became more confident of my inversion and how to fall gracefully (hahaha) I am not an expert yet in but I know it is all coming in place. I believe practicing inversion is not rocket science, it takes a lot of patience and courage to master any inversion.

The trick is pretty simple, mind over matter – you must practice SAFELY, intentionally fall SAFELY and repeat. Another yogi once told me “If you fell down, you’re practicing letting go of the fear, and that’s a major step.” You are learning and discovering what your amazing body can do. Other than overcoming the fear, I would also say one have to let go of their ego and accept the beauty of falling down too. We all have to understand that failure is part of the process. As an infant, you are not born knowing how to walk, we all start by crawling (with the support of our parents or basically anything stable), then standing steadily and just as you are about to take your first step, you fall. BUT you don’t stop there, you keep trying and trying until you can run one day. And that is a solid achievement!

Similarly to inversion, I always believe we have to remove our ego from the equation and of course a huge part is overcoming the fear of falling. Start practicing your alignment at the wall and modify your posture to establish the foundation, continuously practice without fear and ego, let gravity do the work and I promise the rest will come. You got this!