Overcoming baby blues can be dangerous?

PPD(Postpartum depression) aka “baby blues” is actually quite common. It is usually up and down, but if it persists more than 2 weeks, it should be considered as serious depression, which requires professional help.
Why, though? People think newly mothers should be on cloud 9 all the time and full of love with their beloved newborn baby, but why mothers feel blue? There are many different reasons. Chronic fatigue and sudden changes are one of them. Hormonal changes and self-doubt of being a good mom over crying baby is a very good reason, too. All the attention the mother used to have while she was pregnant shift to baby. And, this can be a very interesting reason.
Recently, the biggest reason must be newly mom not feeling so sexy or attractive with their jelly belly and saggy booby. And, we easily can see women who just gave a birth in gym with burning desire to get back to shape. Especially, because the media shows these Hollywood yummy mommy being fit right after giving birth, many women expect that their body will do the same magic, once they hit the treadmill.
But what they should remember is that sudden, intense exercises after birth can permanently and greatly damage female body. Diastasis Recti, joints pain, Pelvic organ prolapse are the severe results of postpartum intense workouts.
What should we do then? Just stay at home and continue to feel blue??
Of course not!!
We just have to take it easy at the beginning and be more patient. Starting with simple muscle strengthening exercises and hip closers are very important. Gomukasana, cat/cow pose, bridge pose can be very useful for postpartum yoga classes.
Intense workouts might bring temporary tone and satisfaction, but once the problem occurs in our body, we have to go back to the starting point. This means it will take longer time to get back into shape. So let’s not forget! Patience will bring faster result!
Jenna – pre/postnatal TTC

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