Overcome laziness

Weight problem was first the reason why I came to yoga. Days by days I just went to the gym for yoga classes, spinning classes.  Gradually I found myself interested in yoga very much although I had no ideas of yoga theories, yoga styles…

I just think that from the beginning I tried a lot to overcome my laziness and blamed myself for not coming to yoga class and then I could enjoy practicing yoga at home in my free time, I could come to yoga classes with cheerful mood without thinking of any results. Everything just happens. From bad-alignment postures, from a very weak physical body, I built my strength and re-adjusted alignment in postures. When I overcome my bad habits, laziness in yoga practice by getting on mat, practicing asana, pranayama and meditation, I also create good patterns in my daily life. There are still weaknesses to overcome and there is still a long way to go on yoga journey. And I just go and just enjoy my way. There may be challenges, obstacles to prevent me, aggressive ego arising inside me, I just remind myself and try to come back to center and breathe.

I’m humble and not dare to say that I would like to dedicate myself on yoga path to enhance myself and other people surrounding me, but I know that is the way I would go.

I’m grateful to parents who support me, to teachers who came to my way and teach me how to build brick by brick on the way I go, to friends for being always beside me and encourage me all the time.



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