On Organic, Ohm & Omega!

May 2015 200hr YTTC
Blog Article 2 – Diet & Nutrition
On Organic, Ohm & Omega!
For most people in today’s busy society, especially those with ‘9-5’ office jobs, they hardly get enough nutrition. This is due to a hectic schedule- it is more convenient to get food on the go, as compared to taking time off to grocery shop and prepare meals from home.
I believe that when I feel good, I look even better. This in turn, makes me feel even better about myself. Adopting my new motto, “Eat clean, train mean, and keep lean”, I also have a more positive outlook in life. Moving forward, I have made a conscious decision to read labels of foods (something I normally won’t do) and if I find an ingredient I do not get (definitely a chemical one), I don’t put it in my grocery basket.
Organic foods have many benefits for our body and I have been trying to purchase organic vegetables when I can. It is a little pricey hence I do so selectively. My rule of thumb is that if it goes bad fast, it is good for me. Processed foods have preservatives that allow it to keep its form for hours, even a shocking few days! Compared to an apple or avocado that goes brown within minutes of exposure to air, just imagining the amount of chemicals used scare me enough to lay off them.
I personally do not enjoy the taste of gamey meat or poultry. Seafood, on the other hand is something I love. However, shellfish are known to potentially give Hepatitis, on top of high cholesterol! I have learnt that cold-water fishes like salmon, cod and mackerel are much better than salt-water ones. Since, I have been inspired by my instructors and have been going to the fresh seafood section of supermarkets. This is a major change for me, as one would usually find me in the junk food/tidbits aisle. The awesome thing about cooking salmon (my favorite) is that it tastes so great on it’s own. I do not need seasoning for marinating, or oil. I wrap the fillet in aluminum foil, and pop it in the oven. Then, I lightly garnish it with thyme/rosemary or black ground pepper. I plan to make this a habit to ensure I get good fat, and greater skin!
I have learnt the 3 gunas and how they apply to foods. Hence, I made it a point to consume the right types at the right time of the day. At a glance, here are some of the items I make a point to take more of/replace my junk food:
I start the day with boiling water- only to pour it into a cup of freshly-squeezed lemon juice. I used to make coffee and tea but they dehydrate me. It is more important to focus on quality sleep than rely on dependency on caffeine.
Avocado (replaces butter/mayonnaise/dips/sauces)
Berries (I love all kinds! replaces denser, sweeter fruits like durian, mangoes, etc.)
Bananas (instant energy, great mood lifter, perk without chocolates, and just as tasty!)
Fish (replaces shellfish/gamey & poultry meat)
Peanut butter (replaces other creamy, sugary spreads)
Multi-grain/rye bread (replaces muesli bars- which are still preserved to some degree)
Nuts (replaces snacks like tidbits/cookies)
Even thought the course has ended, I plan to practice Asanas and start every day with ‘Ohms’ to ensure my newly formed habits are kept in check, and I maintain discipline to not drift from them. I believe that if I can do it, anyone can!
By Carmen L.

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