Oops, what happen to your eyes?

Sharing my experience with you for your prevention and/or precautions. You could also gauge what to do should it happen.
On a late Tuesday night, my left eye shocked me in the mirror! It was a bright dark red patch filling up 70% of my medial sclera. I did not feel neither itchiness nor pain.
2 days later, the red patch travelled downwards to occupy almost half of the sclera. I agreed to consult an ophthalmologist.
The clinic conducted a series of examination which includes pressure testing, close examination of both my eyes with and without a “prism” like tool as well as a comprehensive dilated eye exam for Glaucoma. Finally the ophthalmologist could not detect anything abnormal and I am qualified to continue with the Yoga training.
Recapturing the series of events before this occurence, there were many possible but not concluding factors including: an extended inversion training on that day and consciously engaging strength and pressure travelling downwards to lift and hold my lower body up. Insufficient rest could have also placed me in a more vulnerable situation. As I pondered why did I experienced dizziness at times when I practiced Utthita/ Parivrita Trikonasana/Parvakonasana, I found out my blood pressure was above the normal range.
The good news was the burst blood vessels started to clear from end of first week. Before second week, it looked normal.
Above was purely my personal experience and of no medical conclusion. Nevertheless, you could have that awareness on you, or your students.

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