One step closer to Yoga

2 weeks have passed and I am slowly striking off the list on what I thought I knew about Yoga. Fact: It’s not just a stretching exercise that increases your flexibility and getting you a step closer to becoming a contortionist. Yes, you become more flexible (through a lot of hard work) but that’s just one part of it and you should focus on understanding Yoga; not becoming a contortionist. 

To be truly in harmony, it takes a lot of effort, self-love and discipline. Words are always easy to express and when it comes to actions… It may not always be the case.

Being in Singapore where competition is part of our DNA, many focus on the wrong priority. Instead of focusing on our own progress and working on our limitations, we allow our competitive spirit to take over and there are definitely times that led to disappointments. We tend to forget that we are all created differently and it is important for us to acknowledge our limitations and focus on ourselves. 

There are times where I felt inadequate when I looked around at my very awesome course mates but I know that it’s a superficial feeling. It’s real that I need to work harder to master the asana, get the proper alignment, building up my core, increase my stamina and be in harmony with my mind, body and soul. Honestly, this is really a tall order for me! But hey, good stuff doesn’t come easy and I didn’t join thinking that it will be. 😉  

I am glad that somehow, somewhere, someone led me to this path and I am looking forward to make a difference in my life and perhaps others… someday. 

PS: I have always wondered if there will be a day that I can do a headstand successfully.. It has been a thrill the first few times and it’s been  fun looking at the world upside down (while resting my legs on the wall). Time to up my game! 




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