The syllable OM, which is the imperishable Brahman, is the universe.  Whatsoever has existed, whatsoever exists, and whatsoever shall exist hereafter, is OM.  And whatsoever transcends past, present, and future, that also is OM.”
Brahman can be viewed as divinity – both the divinity within the Self and everything else which is divine, including that which creates divinity.  A technique that can help if you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the concept of Brahman is to replace it with whatever word you associate with a higher power.  It can be God, Jesus, Buddha, Mother Nature or anything else that represents the divine to you.  Om is the sound that represents this higher power and its connection to each of us.
What is the meaning of Aum (Om)?
Aum is the most mysterious word in the Universe.: AUM is thought to be the Eternal Sound. IT IS THE SOUND of GOD THAT GIVES CONSCIOUSNESS TO THE MOTHER NATURE TO START ACTING.
Aum has three sounds A…U….M. ” A ” signifies the beginning of the universe. U signifies the life period of universe and M signifies the destruction of the Universe.
Hence Om is the only word which notifies the three main work of God that is creation, operation and destruction of srishti (Universe).
This represents the three first forms of God viz. are Brahmaa (creator), Vishnu (operator) and the destructor (The Shiva).
Most of the mantra in Hinduism start with the word AUM, because AUM is the consciousness and the other words in a mantra are Nature or Prakrit.
AUM in itself is a complete Mantra and its chanting is sacred and brings enlightenment. It is truely called MAHA MANTRA.
It does not belong to any language…it is primordial vibration of the consciousness which created the universe
AUM has four steps A…U….M and the last one silent
A = Physical plane , wake-state of mind, Beginning, Brahmaa,
U = Astral Plane, dream state of mind, Manifestation,Vishnu,
M = Causal Plane, dream-less state , Destruction,Rudra,
Fourth unspoken sound = Turiya, beyond universe, Enlightened state
AUM is a great mantra. It is a Sagun Mantra, Nirgun Mantra and Beeja Mantra all in One .

To listen to the Om chant click on this copy and paste this link :
Sharmini Kristina, Yoga TTC 200hrs
Reference :
Jay Shri Krishna

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