For the Office Warriors

Today’s post will be specifically for office warriors who sits in front of the computer for a good 5 hours daily like myself. Many research papers have shown that this prolonged sitting routine, in the long run, would actually increase the chances of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. One from WHO reports that Inactivity was found to be the main cause of about a quarter of breast and colon cancers, 27 percent of diabetes cases, and 30 percent of heart disease cases.
Don’t fret, all is not lost. Researchers, such as Dr. Christine Friedenreich, PhD, the leading epidemiologist at Alberta Health Services-Cancer Care who presented at the AICR conference, reported research results that physical activity may actually reduce inflammation linked to increased cancer risk. All you need to do is simply, take a break from sitting every single hour. Taking a couple of minutes to stretch, refill your bottle or walk around – whatever – can literally save your life.
In the short term, however, some of you are already witnesses to this happening to your body. Prolonged non-motion of the body parts from sitting all day result in muscle stiffness in the body, particularly in the neck, the back and wrist area, which would bring discomfort in your daily activities in life. Sounds too familiar already?
Now I am going to focus on the asanas that can loosen the neck and back muscles.
Perform clockwise and anticlockwise motion of the neck to loosen the neck muscles.
1) Trikonasana (Hold 30s for each side, left and right) If unable to perform this pose, do Tiryaka Tadasana instead.
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Stiff Back
There are a couple of asanas that would help to loosen this part of the body. Hold each pose for 30s. If there are both sides hold 30s for each side.
1) Camel Pose
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2) Trikonasana, refer to point 1 of neck section.
3) Parivrita Trikonasana
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4) Vakrasana
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If time is a problem, I would suggest that you skip the rest of the posese and focus only on one, Trikonasana. Besides relieving back ache and neck sprains, it removes stiffness in the legs and hips, tones the spinal nerves, abdonimal organs and improves digestion. Complete at least 5 sets daily, each set consisting of both sides with the pose being held for 5 breathes each side. Else, to your own preference, you can lengthen your pose-holding timing, do take note to ensure that you hold both sides for as long the timing.
-Yee Siying (200hr Weekend YTT Jul 2015)

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