Noticeable changes

Through  my 6 week yoga challenge aka 200hr Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga teaching training course I have seen some amazing changes within myself and my body.  I am about to commence week 6 and I am looking forward to more changes to come whilst continuing my yoga journey.
One of the first changes and a very inviting change was being able to sleep and to sleep right through the night without any waking disturbances. Prior to starting the yoga course I have been suffering from on and off again bouts of insomnia. From day 2 I had one of the best sleeps I have had in a very long time. I went to be early 10.30pm  (early for me as bedtime generally fell around midnight) and once in bed it wasn’t long before I fell asleep and surprisingly I managed to sleep through undisturbed till my alarm woke me for another day of yoga. Prior to this I use to lie awake for hours, completely frustrated which didn’t help the matter. I would get anywhere from 1 hour to a goodnight of 4 hours sleep. Not anymore and I am loving this change. I don’t know whether it was from the pure exhaustion of the day but I’d like to think it was a combination of the asana’s and pranayama.

Next I noticed changes in my eyes.  My whites look whiter and my blue seems move alive and vibrant. Before my whites seemed a little dull with bright red veins, obviously this was because of my lack of sleep, again a nice change I believe is brought about due to yoga.

Posture, my posture has improved since commencing the course. I am more aware of how I should hold myself when standing and sitting, although at time of course I do forget but I am improving everyday.  No more curving my upper back, I need to hold myself with chest open. More of a challenge is my lower back, my arch is too deep, I have been told to walk with more of a “MJ” stand, tucking my tailbone under.  It feels completely foreign to me, I feel like I perhaps I look strange but have been assured I don’t.

There are many changes I have noticed, muscle tone, weight loss, less anxiety, more patience the list goes on and I am sure will continue whilst I practice yoga.  Oh and one other change worth a quick mention, I am now writing blogs…..this is my first and maybe the first of many…..or at least four.
TMP: 200Hr YTT Ashtanga & Hatha.

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