Not only doing perfect asanas

Yoga for health,away from stress,being fit…..etc..using words as usual…
Each person has a reason to do yoga.
How many people know about yoga very well except just doing asanas.
More I practice yoga,more I want to know about whole thing about yoga.I know it is impossible ..if I spend whole my  life studying…no ending…
If I do pranayama in the beginning of the yoga,my breath during the asana is going to be consistent.I feel that.
We are doing many things unconsciously during a day,for example it it breathing.
We don’t know how many times we inhale and exhale per day.
I f I am not aware of breathing during yoga,I can’t flow and it is not yoga anymore….Yoga is the only thing that I can be aware of my breath and this can be connected to calmness,stability,consistence…and so on.
But how many people can keep these for whole day after doing yoga???Not many…It is not easy at all.
I think that people who can keep that is real yogi.
Not only doing perfect asanas.
Chikako Paris

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