Niyama and my life

When I first heard and niyama I tough this is a good thing to follow to have happy and simple and interesting life, and the first thing I wanna have in my life is to be happy person! And yoga makes me really happy
Following niyama and doing yoga will make me happier and happier person!!!! So these is the things I wanna follow to become better person
This is my favorite niyama
1,sauch (clean your body and keep it clean around you)i am really messy person, my room is really messy I get so lazy whenever I try to clean up. But I don’t wanna wake up in messy room and do pranayama but I don’t think I can never be a neat person so what I’m gonna do is buy a lot of box and organize the box by putting the name (like box for clothe, makeup, pen )and just put all the stuff in the box, that way it’s gonna be organize and clean
2,tapas (Even the practice is really hard work hard for your direction).             I really like this niyama:):):) also this niyama is really important for the yoga.        For me not having a direction is the worst things   Before I found yoga I didn’t have a goal in my life because of that I was really confused and lost and lazy       I dint know what direction I was heading at the time, because  i just graduate hight school and moved to big city by my self and I don’t know what for but I just wanted to make a good money so I was just working at the place where I can get really good paid at the time I thought if I make money then I be self and it can buy anything and I thought that will make me happy but reality is that wasn’t true:(:( that made me really lazy and lost  and don’t like my self!so that way I also didn’t like another I was so jealous of the person who can love their neighbor and full of love then self I dint now how to love my neighbor I only was seeing and thinking bad side of my neighbor but now I know the trick to love my neighbor is to love my self, now that trick and I know what my goal I’m starting to love my self and most amazingly I starting to love my neighbor
4,svadhyaya(know your self better and study)
By leaning yoga making me wanna study about the all kind of stuff like nature history religion philosophy the thing I would never thought I wanna study
This 3 niyama is my favorite

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