Different but not necessarily boring. Insights on prenatal yoga.

I think this is what I have heard the most from people around me. Prenatal yoga is boring. I disagree. I do agree though that it is different, definitely not your power vinyasa class but boring? How could anything that helps you prepare for the birth of your baby be boring?
Prenatal yoga is definitely slow paced but there are reasons behind that.
When you are pregnant your body temperature is a very important factor for the health of your baby. Another important factor is that your blood volume increases by as much as 40-50%! So your heart gets to works much harder. You definitely don’t want to be heavily sweating and get your heart to work harder when you become pregnant (unless you are an advanced practitioner or fitness person whose body is used to that level of activity and even then you shouldn’t be planning on breaking records while pregnant, just take it easy). Also your body is producing hormones like relaxin that make your joints and ligaments looser to prepare your body for delivery and this is definitely not the time to overstretch – you might cause a lot more harm and end up with pains that are way worse that not being at your most flexible point in life for the next few months.
Pregnancy is a time to bond with you baby. Of course your body, your pregnancy, your delivery, will all benefit from doing yoga (or any other form of exercice), but you shouldn’t step in a prenatal class thinking ”I’m going to get fit, or I am going to get flexible” or you are going to be disappointed and think it is boring. Maybe shift your perspective a little. Prenatal yoga has so many benefits beyond the strenghtening and stretching of the muscles. It will bring you inner strength and calm to face the challenges ahead of you. You will feel deeply relaxed after a prenatal class, you will improve your sleep, you will strengthten your pelvic floor supporting the weight of a growing baby, and most of all you might find a deep connection to your baby . To me that is not boring, it is powerful.
Kali – Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training – June 2015

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