Nauli Kriya

Kriyas in yoga are cleansing techniques, ranging from the use of Neti pots through the nasal passage to Vasti the cleansing of colon. I was first introduced to Nauli in a detox flow class at my regular yoga studio, and only this particular teacher teaches this in detox classes. When she first demonstrated it, my face scrunched up because it looked so intimidating to have a hollow in your belly, and have it moving from side to side like waves. How is that even humanly possible?
To learn how to perform nauli kriya effectively, one must first be familiar with performing the 3 bandhas (locks) effectively, namely the Jalandhara (chin), Uddiyana (rising up) & Mula (root) Bandha, because in nauli, all 3 bandhas are engaged to their fullest. On top of it, one has to learn how to isolate & move the abdomen from side to side while holding the bandhas in place.
Nauli is great for detox, improving sluggish digestive tract issues, & constipation as it highly stimulates the intestines & keeps the internal system moving. It also helps to clear & awaken the brain, due to the fresh flow of oxygen into the body with each round of complete exhalation, intense engagement of all 3 bandhas & finally the much welcomed inhalation.
I have since been trying to incorporate it into my daily morning routine before the day starts to kickstart the day. Hopefully one day I will be able to practise it fully.
Faith Phang
Weekend YTT (Jan 2016 batch)