Nauli. Cleansing from the inside out.

Nauli is one of internal cleansing techniques,that are not wildly practiced in the modern days. It is not easy exercise,can be learned only with perseverance and patience. It is best to practice the internal cleansing technique with a teacher.
Best time to practice is morning on an empty stomach.
– Stand up with you legs apart,knees slightly bend,and you hands resting on you thighs.
– Take a deep breath then exhale completely as you push on you thighs. when you lungs are emptied draw you diaphragm upwards.
– Without taking a breath,begin moving the central band of muscles in you abdomen forward and back. Relax and inhale when need to,then repeat the process a few more times.
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Nauli massage, invigorates,and tones the abdomen and intestines. By massaging all you organs in the abdomen you helping you body to cope with constipation,indigestion,acidity. Practicing internal cleansing helps with depression,hormone imbalance,and urinary disorders.
However,Nauli can not be practiced by everyone. It is not advisable to practice if trying to get pregnant or in pregnancy,also wile menstruation. Those suffering from heart disease,hernia,or those who recovering from internal injury or abdominal surgery.
Those with medical condition should consult their doctor and yoga master.
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