Nada Yoga – the secret to self love

It was my first Nada yoga class and it was an absolute inner bliss. Everyone has feminine and masculine qualities that define who they are. In my opinion, we tend to over value masculinity and work more on materialistic things, creating an imbalance. Being overly masculine will make us long for something special, something natural and something which is endless – Do you wonder what it is? Its the feminine within us.

The class was all about expression of femininity. It started with a powerful Kali mantra. Kali is a Goddess who embodies Shakti – feminine energy, creativity and fertility. The whole class was a beautiful combination of sound, yoga, meditation and expression of feminine energy. I had a wonderful feeling, powerful self healing and most importantly it was a conscious process. It was an awakening session, I felt energetic and vibrant after the class.

I am planning to explore more about Nada Yoga and learn in depth to reap and share the benefits with others.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Master Paalu for introducing a beautiful style of yoga to fall in love with yourself.

Fiercely feminine!


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