Pilates Packages

Discover the power of Pilates and book your spot in our Pilates Reformer Group Classes today! Packages can be used for any Group Classes, including Reformer, Wunda Chair, Matwork, Headstands etc.

探索普拉提的力量,立即预订我们的普拉提核心床团体课程!套餐可用于任何团体课程,包括核心床、Wunda 椅、垫上练习、头倒立等。

Group Classes 团体课

  • PR Trial 试课 (1 class) RM 59

    For first-timers only. Valid for 2 weeks. 仅适用于初次使用者。有效期2周。

  • PR Drop-in (1 class) RM 109

    Valid for 2 weeks.

  • PR 4 Class Pack RM 399

    Valid for 5 weeks ~ RM 99.97/class

  • PR 10 Class Pack RM 899

    Valid for 3 months ~ RM 89.90/class

  • PR 20 Class Pack RM 1599

    Valid for 6 months ~ RM 79.95/class

  • PR 30 Class Pack RM 2099

    Valid for 9 months ~ RM 69.97/class

Privates 私教课

  • Privates 1:1 (1 class) RM 189

    Private class for 1 pax. Valid for 2 weeks

  • Privates 1:1 (10 classes) RM 1599

    Private classes for 1 pax. Valid for 6 months ~ RM 159.9/class

  • Privates 1:1 (20 classes) RM 3099

    Private classes for 1 pax. Valid for 6 months ~ RM 154.9/class

  • Privates 1:1 (30 classes) RM 4499

    Private classes for 1 pax. Valid for 6 months ~ RM 149.9/class

  • Duo 1:2 (1 class) RM 299

    Private class for 2 pax. Valid for 2 weeks ~ RM 149.5/pax/class

  • Duo 1:2 (10 classes) RM 2799

    Private classes for 2 pax. Valid for 6 months ~ RM 139.9/pax/class

  • Trio 1:3 (1 class) RM 399

    Private class for 3 pax. Valid for 2 weeks ~ RM 133/pax

  • Trio 1:3 (10 classes) RM 3799

    Private class for 3 pax. Valid for 6 months ~ RM 126.6/pax/class


We want to make sure you have all the information you need. Just a friendly reminder that our packages are non-shareable and non-transferrable. For more details, please take a look at our FAQs below. We’re here to help and answer any questions you may have.

Class Types 课程类型

Reformer Beginners 核心床初学者
Perfect for beginners, this class builds a strong foundation in Pilates principles and techniques. Learn proper breathing and fundamental exercises on the Reformer machine to establish a solid practice. 该课程非常适合初学者,为普拉提原理和技术奠定了坚实的基础。在塑身机上学习正确的呼吸和基本练习,以建立扎实的练习。
Core Reformer (all levels) 核心塑身机(所有级别)
Strengthen your core with targeted exercises that develop stability and balance. Improve posture, engage deep abdominal muscles, and build endurance for functional strength. 通过有针对性的练习来增强您的核心力量,以增强稳定性和平衡性。改善姿势,锻炼深层腹部肌肉,并增强功能性力量的耐力。
Arms and Back Reformer (all levels) 手臂和背部塑身机(所有级别)
Tone and strengthen your upper body with exercises that improve posture, increase strength, and enhance symmetry in the arms, shoulders, and back.通过改善姿势、增强力量以及增强手臂、肩膀和背部对称性的练习来调整和增强上半身。
Legs and Glutes Reformer (all levels) 腿部和臀部塑身机(所有级别)
Sculpt and shape your lower body through targeted exercises that build strength, flexibility, and definition in the legs, glutes, and calves.通过有针对性的锻炼来塑造您的下半身,增强腿部、臀部和小腿的力量、灵活性和清晰度。
Pilates Wunda Chair (all levels) 普拉提 Wunda 椅(所有级别)
Elevate your Pilates practice with Wunda Chair Classes, targeting core strength, balance, and stability through precise movements and unique spring tensions. 通过 Wunda 椅子课程提升您的普拉提练习,通过精确的动作和独特的弹簧张力来提高核心力量、平衡和稳定性。
Upside Down Yoga
Special workshop styled class to learn how to do inversions, like headstands, handstands etc ! Reap the anti-ageing benefits of being upside down!
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Pilates Matwork, Circle and Chair
Pilates Matwork gives you the foundation of core strength and Pilates principles. Get a great workout with circles and Wunda chair for the added resistance.
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Studios & Schedule

We invite you to explore the variety of Yoga and Pilates classes that we offer, providing you with options of conveniently located studios and the best ways to get fit, feel energized and relax.

Pilates Reformer Group Class at Eco Botanic JB
48A Jln Eko Botani 3/2, Iskandar Puteri, 79100, Johor

We love hearing from you! Share your suggestions or feedback about our class schedule, and we’ll be all ears. When there’s high demand for Pilates Reformer, we’ll happily add more classes to cater to your needs. We’re dedicated to keeping our schedule up-to-date and tailored to our amazing members. Your input matters to us, so let’s shape our classes together for an even better experience!

FAQ 常问问题

Select your preferred package above and click “buy packages”. Download “Vibefam” app and search for Tirisula Yoga Pilates.


下载“Vibefam”app并搜索 Tirisula Yoga Pilates


Book for your preferred classes in the app! 


The validity date starts from the date of purchase. 

  • Book for your favourite class at least 4 hrs in advance. Slots are limited, so we advise you to book early. 
  • Cancel at least 6 hrs ahead to get your credit refunded. 
  • Late cancellations or no-shows will result in the deduction of credit.
  • Remember to keep an eye on the validity date of your credits. Make the most of your investment by using them before they expire.
至少提前 4 小时预订您最喜欢的课程。名额有限,因此我们建议您尽早预订。
至少提前 6 小时取消就不会扣除1课。 

We’re excited to have you join our studio! While we don’t offer free trials, we do have an incredibly attractive price for a trial class, specially designed for newcomers like you. It’s a fantastic opportunity to experience our studio and see if it’s the perfect fit for you. We can’t wait to welcome you and provide you with an amazing fitness experience. See you soon! 😊

  • Anti-slip grip socks is compulsory for safety reasons.  If you’ve forgotten to bring, we sell them at the studio.
  • Sweat Towel
  • Water bottle

Our packages are designed to provide the best individual experience, so they’re non-shareable. We recommend choosing a package based on how often you plan to come for practice.


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bring grip socks for Pilates class! 记得带防滑袜!

For safety reasons, it is compulsory to wear grip socks for Pilates classes. Not to worry if you’ve forgotten to bring, we sell them in the studio!