My YTT journey

I have been doing yoga on and off for about 4 years now. Some years, I get really into it and go for classes daily and some years, I go on the mat once every few months. After 4 years of classes in studios, I feel like my practise had stagnated. I wasn’t learning much or quicker from the usual 1 hour classes that studios usually offer. Apart from that, yoga at studios were often asana-focused and I always felt “rushed” or “pressured” in practise.

Hence, I decided to take up YTT in order to truly understand what yoga is about. I was surprised to learn that asanas are actually just a little fraction of what yoga is. There is so much more to yoga – such as pranayama, meditation, diets and physiology.

It has taught me what my body is physically possible and to practise mindfulness during my practise. I can dare say that yoga is more a lifestyle than just a “fitness workout”.

I’m currently only halfway through my YTT but I already feel more grounded and elevated in my practise. I used to practise yoga so choppily and haphazardly, trying to keep up with the room, but now I practise it with mindfulness and grace. It truly has become my own practise instead of just doing what everyone else in the room is doing. What is surprising is that – when I am mindful and slow down in my practise, I actually become stronger in my asanas.

With this mental shift, I also feel like I’m also just now generally more aware of my body and how my body feels. I become more aware of the muscle/limbs alignments I need to make in my asanas to make it a more comfortable practise for me. I found strength and stillness in uncomfortable positions when I engage the correct muscles.

I’m excited to see what else I will discover about myself in my YTT journey!