My Yoga Room

My husband and I had decided to move closer to my workplace around a year ago. Its so hard in Singapore to find a home you like, with enough space to swing a cat, and be able to afford it. I had a little dream, although I didn’t voice it……..I wanted a little (well not quite so little) Yoga room, that would I would never had to share, or convert into a makeshift guest room/ store room/ anything room. It was to be my room, and reflect my journey.
They say once you make a wish, if you want it badly enough, the universe conspires to make it happen. I must have wanted it badly enough. And so we got a home we could afford, not without its inconveniences, but able to give me the gift of a yoga room. I have book shelves, candles, a small water fountain, an easy chair, two yoga mats, blocks, and a couple of plants…….all laid out in a light green room, with muslin curtains, a bay window with cushions and a small music player. And on the wall, as a reminder and an inspiration – I have the whole primary series put up.
I think I did not know the meaning of creating my space, till I created this room. I took stuff that we had, little knicks and knacks from all over the house and put them together. I was sure I didn’t want it to look ‘created’ it should look like it came from nothing. Like it was there before I was. I just love the feeling of having mats laid out, and I can walk in and do whatever practice I’m in the mood to do.
I heard Oprah say a few times with reference to homes “ When you come home, your house should rise up to meet you”. When I come home, I bow down to meet my room.

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