My Yoga Philosophy

​Even though it was a time when I wanted to know what would be helpful because I was just tired with my mind and body stretched, the times I sat on the mat were comfortable and happy.  As I continued, at some point I found myself on the mat experiencing the joys and sorrows of life.

Going beyond the concept of exercise, I felt I would like to practice more so that I can train my body and mind with breathing and discover a way to become one with all things through yoga.

I began to become more interested and found myself asking, “When should I do asana practice again?” The more I thought, “I’m going to do yoga for the rest of my life”.

As I slowly became a yoga-holic, my daily life became a yoga practice. Asana practice is not the only practice, I thought that instead of trying to learn a lot I should practice continuously without being lazy.

The tiredness from irritation and stress in my body and mind were miraculously gone by the time I finished training, and even my emotions became brighter. Yoga, which I started by accident, has completely changed my life.

As I could perform the seemingly impossible movements one by one, I gained a sense of accomplishment and confidence in myself, which also grew in my everyday life. Unlike before, when I was living a life without thinking, I began to recognize ‘myself’ and experienced changes in my body and mind day by day, building trust in yoga.

My desire to share this change I felt with others made me decide to become a yoga instructor. Initially I just “did it”, but rather than just being a teacher, I became a person who could practice and give directions.

Rather than simply teaching yoga for health and body management, I want to become a leader who shares and learns how to feel the energy in the body with the mind, breathing, and nature and become one with the body.

My own problem that I still haven’t solved…. Through the 10 years of learning yoga, I have tried to use it to help change me and to be more at one. There was a period I had to take a break due to giving birth to our daughter. Although I was happy that my husband and daughter helped me start yoga again, I still have an irritable and hasty personality that I sometimes can’t control :(. I want to treat my loved ones with a gentle and calm heart like Sattva. This is one major drive for me to continue on my Yoga story as it is helping me immeasurably. More practice, more practice, more practice :).