My Yoga Journey – Tough Love

My first journey into Yoga was quite simply by coercion from both my parents & my fitness instructor friend. I was never a fitness buff or someone that’s very hyperactive as I throw up easily with my heart pumping ultra fast each time I do any strenuous workout like running, jumping, etc.! For that reason I hated exercises of all kinds though I’ve been trained in ballet dancing from young for 1 reason – doctor advised my mom that I be sent for ballet to help build up my stamina since it’s a dance form well known for its tough discipline & structured dance posture control along with stamina building steps like the pirouettes, jete, changement, assemble, arabesque and so forth!
So ballet stuck with me till my late teens then natural progression into the world of working society had me stop my ballet dancing & totally no exercise at all for the next 5-8 years – literally became a self-certified potato couch…mmmmm
Then things took a turn for the ‘darker side’ when work started consuming me leaving no day no night coupled with common Chinese family pressure of making more money, providing the family, relationship issue, etc. I was spiraling down with emotion & more short-tempered than before, a lot of dissatisfaction internally & to some point suicidal. That’s when my parents especially my dad who is very much into meditation & friends suggested that perhaps I should go to Yoga to release some of these negative energy in me.
My first impression then was “err…yoga?! what is yoga? don’t ask me to do meditation, i’ll fall asleep. i dislike any strenuous exercises & sweating too much so don’t ask me to do that too”…lol, the usual cynical city girl…both my parents & friends then replied “it’s very gentle, calming & will help to destress you from your long work hours & internal pressure you are feeling. it teaches you how to breath nicely which will calm you down & the poses are very easy to do, nothing too exhausting. you’ll feel very relaxed afterwards”…Now I’d like to stress the word ‘VERY EASY’, ‘CALMING’ & ‘RELAXING’ – these were the first 3 words of my first Yoga Journey impression which tricked me into it 5 years back & I must say my first yoga lesson was anything but that! I was literally cursing my friends for the screaming pains I went through during the classes, calming & relaxing were more like superb aches & exhaustion. After my first session, I couldn’t get out of bed & walked down the stairs! My mom got worried & discouraged me to proceed further as I was in a lot of pains…
But 5 years on, the aches & exhaustion though is still there but the screaming pains have given way to more controlled pain as I’m beginning to understand my body more each day especially at the yoga ttc though remembering the latin scientific terms of my body structure is still eluding me! Yoga does help to relax & calm me now a lot more especially the Pranayamas.
Yoga = tough love 😀
– Magdalene A.

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