My Yoga Journey

Being born and brought up in Maharasthra (India) – a land of saints, as a kid I was always fond of Yoga and was highly convinced by the massive benefits it can bring to an individual. I always had that strong urge in me to explore my body a little bit more every time. The different crazy photos of Yoga poses never failed to amuse me. Being in the corporate industry with very hectic schedule, I never had enough time for myself.  In recent times, with the global pandemic hitting the world, self immunity had become very important to everyone to fight the virus. This was the time when I strongly felt to quit what was not truly serving me in any way and to try something that really amused me.

Joining the YTT at Tirisula was one of the best decisions that I ever made. I always wanted a guru or a teacher to guide me on my Yoga path and in my postures. After meeting the teachers here, it was the 1st thing that I realised that Yoga is not all about postures and you need not look like a leftover noodle. It was more of a lifestyle – a Yogic Lifestyle which could be developed only with patience and discipline.

Some of the keys things that I learned here and that brought about a change in my life over the last 3 weeks are as below:

In the very first class itself Master Shree explained how important it is to 1st accept the body as it is right now. Be it healthy , unhealthy, bulky or slim or not according to social norms. We are in this body, living in this body. It is doing too many things for us and never take it for granted. Our body is the place where we will be living until we die, hence learning to accept it and nurture it is most important thing that I learnt.

The Patanjali Yoga sutra ‘Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodaha’ means try to still the fluctuations in the mind with Yoga. Master Shree kept on reminding this with every posture that we wanted to master. He always stressed that one cannot enter into any posture with ego or aggression. It can only be achieved with a clear mind.

Here I also learnt different Pranayams to achieve a mind which is clear from the nectar of thoughts. We regularly did kapalbhatti and anulom vilom pranayama to have a calm and healthy mind along with physical practices. As it was told that when the body and mind are in equilibrium, then spirituality can start.

It was also taught to us that once you master any posture, we need not be egoistic or very possessive about it. All the more our master stressed is to be detached and at the same time to be absolutely involved in all the practices. He taught the importance or performing kriya (holistic action) rather than karma (unconscious action).

As the Vedic chat goes ‘Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah’ , our master emphasised that as a Yoga practioner , one should slowly start shifting our focus from just me and myself to the universal well being. May everyone live happy and may everyone be free from illness.

I am still trying to adopt the teachings taught my our master and there is still a long way to go. It feels that the journey has begun just now and has many interesting things to explore and experience.