My yoga journey

My first experience with yoga was during my schooling days – it was just four classes but it left a lasting impact. Even though I didn’t quite appreciate savasana, I felt great after each class. I told myself that I would revisit yoga some day.

Fast forward to 5 years later, I got into an accident and sustained a spinal injury. It was during one of the visits to the doctor that he had suggested yoga as a way to strengthen my core and protect my back.

That is how my yoga journey started.

I signed up with a fitness platform and signed up for my first few yoga classes, fell flat on my first 20 chaturangas, attended a flow class not knowing what to expect (and feeling thoroughly defeated at the end of the class).

And after months of that, my body changed, my muscle awareness improved and I had an idea of what “breathwork” meant. And most importantly, my pain became less frequent and less intense. However, I do not advocate anyone with spinal injury to use yoga as a form of rehabilitation without a doctor’s clearance.

Today,  I can’t wait to share the practice of yoga with my loved ones and whomever is interested to learn.