My Yoga Journey

I was a total stranger to Yoga until 9 years ago i decided to give it a try. Frankly speaking, i didn’t like it
at all because it’s slow and didn’t make me sweat as much as i want to. Therefore, i stop going after a few
lessons. I switched to doing something more strenuous and in the end, i got myself with injured knee and ankle.
Yet, that didnt set me thinking of conditioning myself until i injured my back while putting on my high
heel. That sound ridiclous but it does happened! That is the time when yoga is back into my picture. It was not an easy process but after close to a year, i am getting better.
I admire how the teacher taught in my class and was thinking it can’t be that difficult to teach, at least to beginner. Therefore, i  set a goal to enroll myself in a teacher training course and thinking this year should be it. Browsing through the website and i found many yoga studios offering the same course. I was really at loss which one to choose from. Finally i choose Tirisula. This studio is very different from all the big studios i went to. Narrow staircase that lead up to studio and only set people thinking is this a proper place to conduct yoga? Tirisula provide only the very basic facility and nothing fancy at all. However after attending one Master Paalu session which i found his class very interesting and interactive. Then that set me thinking what is my priority? A fancy studio or having a good teacher? I choose the latter. Since then, there is no looking back.
Back to thinking it’s easy to teach. I am totally wrong! In class, we learnt on how to plan our sequences well with good energy flow, variation, good transition  etc. Able to conduct class without panting halfway through the session. Make the class interesting and provide clear instruction. The list is endless.  Only then i know being a Yoga teacher is not easy at all. I certainly have my admiration for all the yoga teachers out there.
In my first training class, i remembered clearly that we are asked to do headstand. In all my life, i only heard of that word but never ever thought of doing that! Cold sweat broke out and i look at Paalu with disbelief.. However now after much practice, i can do it ( with a bit of support from the wall. Probably Paalu and Wei Ling are not very happy to know that ;P). Anyhow, without the encouragement and technique taught from the masters, i doubt i will ever do it.
To me, Yoga is an endless learning journey. Embrace the journey with passion and it will become a fruitful one.

Carol Kuek July – Oct 2013 Wkend Class

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