My Whys for Yoga TTC

I believe most people follow some principles in their lives. So do I. These are my life principles and how they led me to the Yoga TCC:


Principle 1: TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY, because every thing can be replaced, but not your body.

Medicine made huge progress over the past decades, but medicine is just like fixing a broken jar—once broken, a jar can be repaired, but it’ll never be as beautiful and functional as it was before. Taking care of the body is not just protecting it from injuries, it’s about all activities which keep it functioning properly and naturally beautiful—giving it good food, cleansing it, keeping it physically fit, relaxing it…

Yoga is mostly known for its physical practice.  Generally, a balanced physical exercise should develop four elements: strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance. A yoga practice can be structured to include them all. It is a great training for the body.

Another known yoga practice is dhyana (meditation). It’s good not only for the stress reduction, but it also improves the immune system and overall well-being.

Yoga also includes various cleansing practices called kriyas. Some of them are almost unimaginable to do, but some of the simpler ones are easy to practice. For example neti (nose cleansing) is very helpful in preventing cold and other respiratory issues. Kapalbhati and bhastrika (forceful breathing techniques), or agnisar (rolling the abdominal muscles) are other examples of relatively easy kriya techniques.

Conclusion: Yoga offers a very broad set of methods and techniques to take a good care about our bodies.


Principle 2: USE EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN, because that’s the only thing you will be able to take with you

Every learning broadens our horizons. A Yoga TTC requires quite a comprehensive learning. Poses and their names, alignments, muscles, philosophy… The basic course packs all these in 10 weeks. Although getting a deeper understanding definitely requires much more studying than just that, the Yoga TCC provides a great opportunity to broaden the knowledge in many areas and adds a lot of learning for the physical practice.


Principle 3: SERVE OTHERS, making their lives better, because that makes your life valuable (especially when contributing to the above 2 principles)

Serving others is one of the fundamental principles on which a functioning human society is based. Many people provide for us and we provide back to others, whether it’s our family, our community, mentors/mentees, or the humanity as a whole.

The Yoga TTC was supposed to be my last activity before returning back home. I wished to make use of it to bring yoga to people who are as busy in their professional life as myself. The plans have changed and we’re staying in Singapore for a few more years. But the wish stays, and I hope to use the remaining time to improve my own knowledge and skills to bring back home more than what just the basic course is able to provide…