My Takeaways from YTT @ Tirisula

As my YTT experience draws to a close, here are takeaways and lighthearted reflections on the past 10 whole weekends.

  1. I was never late for class

    I am occasionally late for work, often late when meeting friends, and almost always unable to get out of bed to voluntarily exercise when I’m off work.

    But I never rushed, and was never late for YTT classes. My priorities…
  2. Daily practice

    When I started YTT, I thought that it was already a major achievement spending 12 hours every weekend on Yoga. That would be the most intensively I have ever practiced Yoga and I got complacent and didn’t place much importance on the need for daily practice.

    But as the weeks flew by, the significance of regular or daily practice dawned on me. The subtle progress in my practice was addictive. The high I got post-exercise was uplifting. I got hooked. I felt that something was missing when I skipped just a day of practice. Even in the midst of a busy day, I now try to squeeze in at least half an hour of stretching.

  3. Diversity in class

    Our class was diverse. We had people of different nationalities – Singaporean, Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Australian etc; and of different races in our class. But week after week, our mats were placed close to each other, we shared laughs, we exercised and meditated together. During our breaks, we ate meals together and shared our Yoga experiences and exchanged tips. I think this would be the part of YTT I would miss most.

  4. Tip of the iceberg

    I started YTT thinking that I would be “good” at Yoga at the end of it. I realised now at the end of the course, that what I have uncovered or achieved is barely the tip of the iceberg. I’m excited at the lifelong journey of discovering Yoga that lies ahead, equipped with the tools and techniques imparted by Paalu and Wei ling.