My present state of mind

To practise the five of the eight-limbed path as guidance for inner and external transformation in my life.

1) Yama – gives specific guidelines for dealing with my mind and interact with the world on an ethical and peaceful way.

2) Niyama – help me cultivate orderliness and cleanliness, contentment, commitment, self-study, and finally letting go fo the idea that I have control and surrendering to the universe.

3) Asana – describes how to be happy and peaceful in my body. The third limb focuses on poses that help me become more durable, flexible, and balanced. It benefits me emotionally and spiritually.

4) Pranayama – teaches how to control life force. Practice forcibly exhaling and then holding the breath to diminish obstacles to self-knowledge.

5) Pratyahara – demonstrates a way to withdraw the senses to achieve balance and peace.


-Jennifer Ho