My journey of conquering Salamba Sirsasana (Headstand)

I picked up yoga since the beginning of circuit breaker.  Instead of sitting at home and do nothing, I started a habit of working out every single day.  I learned all the basic yoga postures through Youtube.  Apparently it was a very weak foundation compare to the rest in my class.

During the first YTT class,

“In the exam you have to hold the position for 3 minutes.” Said Master Ram.
“Seriously?” My heart screamed.

Obviously, I have never thought of doing (or even trying to do) headstand in my life, but since that is the requirement, let’s give it a shot. Nothing is impossible right?

16-17 October – First weekend I realised I got to learn headstand.

23-24 October – Still had no idea of how to lift my legs up.

30-31 October – Stressing out, as everybody managed to lift the legs in the air.

7-8 November – Finally managed to lift my legs up in the air, but it could only stay for 3-5 seconds, a lot of work to be done in terms of balancing.

13-14 November – Good progress, managed to hold for 30 seconds.

20-21 November – Managed to hold for a minute, yes!  Let’s try to get rid of the wall.

27-28 November – Managed to lift up my legs without the wall occasionally, could hold for 3 minutes.

4-5 December – Successfully get rid of the wall, working on perfecting the posture by engaging the core more.

Practice makes permanent.