My journey and it’s just the beginning

My YTT journey

It has been almost 3 and a half weeks since I started this YTT training in Tirisula.

When I first registered and began training here, I didn’t really know what to expect but I was hoping to deepen my practice and better understand the postures and it’s benefits which I have always not understood from attending past classes in other schools.

We are almost coming to the end of the YTT now and Time has just flown past. I must say that I have learnt a lot in terms of Philosophy such that I feel that it will help me have better perspectives and character. I have also learnt much in the technical aspects such as the skeletal,respiratory and muscular systems. The detail to which we learn these systems is also surprisingly extensive for a yoga teacher training course. But this has helped increase my understanding and awareness to my own body and anatomy. Instead of just feeling a stretch or a pain at some part in my body, I can now pin point the muscle that is aching and understand the possible reasons to it or the ways to help it. This is useful for me even in my day to day life as I am a person with scoliosis and deals with pain in numerous parts of my body almost everyday. It has helped me gain perspective to my pain.

Honestly, I never expected this course to be so much work, physically, mentally and in terms of assignments and projects. But as we come to the end of our course, I do see the value in these challenges I have been going through for the past weeks. The physical challenges were almost unbearable for me at the start. I was aching all over and I had difficulty in many postures. But as the weeks pass by I slowly feel myself making small improvements and albeit small, it has still given me a small sense of achievement. The project, lesson plan, bloggings and catching up with my understanding of the theory classes and Sanskrit terms were also challenging time wise when I had to work and care for my child and family at the same time. But in retrospect, these were also valuable experiences as the homework made me delve deeper into the topics we were studying giving me a more thorough understanding. Struggling with time and yet having to submit the assignments meant late nights and stress for me, but it taught me to time manage and learn to deal with my stress.

As such, I would say it has been a challenging journey for me, But rewarding and it has been a new kind of experience. Despite facing some challenges, I learnt quite a valuable amount over this period of the course. The exams are coming soon and I am truthfully nervous and unsure about how it will turn out. But nevertheless, I will try my best. Regardless of the results of my exam, this was a journey for me and definitely one that has enriched my life and knowledge.