My Gratitude to the course_ 200 hours Yoga TTC

Appreciated to the present of Master Paalu, Master Weiling and Tirisula’s Junior Master(s) and all my lovingly course mates  for being the light(s) and support on these learning path.

The goal of taking these course is not just achieved by experience the different style of yoga and breathing.  Also; learn to practice to become firmly grounded; doing it for a long time without break and with full interest.

The course has highlight my weakness and strengthen my potential.  I enjoy very much of the anatomy systems.  They give me the idea of how does a body works.  I am becoming more aware of the food that I take and it gives the sense of the proper enjoyment.

Learn lessons from the up and downs in life.  Don’t think that you will be always praised.  If you know that this process is just natural, you won’t get disturbed over it.

Awareness keeps the mind calm and serene, but the moment we show any desire or attachment, we create tension in the mind.  Only by developing the mind free from expectation then we are enjoying every moment.  Whatever part we are given, let’s play our part well. Namaste

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