My fullest expression of an asana

I remembered back in University, I was always feeling very stressed and unsure about myself in school, I had a vague recollection of complaining to my friends about finding balance – mind, body, and soul but I didn’t’ know-how. Once I graduated and work started, I finally decided to get down to achieving my own version of ‘inner peace’ and so my yoga journey began. I was extremely grateful that I had friends then that did yoga as well, they introduced me to studios and I got to try different styles of yoga – Hatha, Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, etc. In the very first class, I was so nervous. I kept thinking about how I was going to embarrass myself and fall. But all those thoughts disappeared quickly once the class started because I realize that, nobody cared. No one had the energy to be bothered about other students, everyone was solely focused on their own yoga practice. That was when it hit me, to me, Yoga was like an independent form of exercise done in a group setting.

2 years in and yoga started becoming a part of my lifestyle, it not only works my body but clears my mind. It destresses me after a long day at work and, my body feels energized after a good sweat. Since then, I decided that if there was a chance and if an opportunity presented itself, I would very much like to deepen my practice and learn more about Yoga and so here I am.

Now, as we are midway through the YTT. Nervous, anxious, scared are not words I would use to describe my feelings as compared to how I felt in the first lesson. I’ve really come to look forward to weekend mornings with my fellow course mates – the determination, the grit, the laughs, and the energy that everyone emits when we practice.  We all had the same basic goal – to deepen our understanding of yoga and improve our asanas. Master Sree is an amazing instructor, he will push you and give constructive feedback on how we should improve, same for master Paulo. In class, Master Sree is always reminding us of the fact that everyone is a beginner, there’s just so much to learn about how to achieve the truest expression of an asana – to be relaxed, smile, breath while still engaging the right muscles (the integration of mind, body, and breath) in any asanas. With this understanding, we lower our EGO when practicing yoga, there’s no need to compare our asanas with one another because all bodies are different. Everyone is refining their asanas in their own way and getting to their fullest expression of the yoga pose. Since then, I’m no longer as worried about my progress relative to others, what’s important is that I continue to focus on my own efforts and do better every day!

To anyone who wants to deepen their yoga journey, I definitely recommend it. This course is merely the beginning of my yoga practice, it has opened so many doors for me and I discovered that there’s so much more than I don’t know and want to find out – chakras, mudras, chants, etc. Here’s to me and everyone on the same journey, to practice, practice, practice, and attain our own fullest, truest expression of the asanas every day. I am truly grateful to have gone on this journey and will forever cherish the memories I’ve at Tirisula YTT Program.