My First Yoga was Hot

Writing this is long travel down my memory lane – this experience dates back to 10 years ago. This was back in 2010, when Hot Yoga, also known as Bikram Yoga was a hit. Yes, my first yoga was a Hot Yoga. Twenty-six postures and two breathing exercises in a heated room of around 40 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of 40%-60%. Even for someone like me who grew up in the humid tropics, being locked in a heated room for 60 to 90 minutes was a challenge. Add the challenging postures for someone who has never stretched  a single muscle in her life (except if I need to reach for food).

I only had one goal in mind – to lose weight and look good in a bikini.

It was a love and hate experience. I love the after-yoga glow, but I hated the process. After all, we must work hard if we want to achieve great things right? That was my mantra to keep me going through the class. J

Let’s first start with the things I hated – I hated the frustration that came along with my inability to do the postures, and hold it for a long time. I dreaded the Half Moon Pose opener,where I had to extend my arms up and bend on one side, and hold if for what felt like a day (I’m exaggerating). The Camel Pose made me feel like vomiting afterwards. Oh and I only had a small bottle of water with me. So there, the dehydrated almost dying me, excused herself to go out of what felt like a giant oven, and grasp some air. Weak.

Ok, now the love part. I felt amazing after the practice. I loved the high. The micro sense of achievement of looking at my sweat-drenched workout clothes was kind of addictive. I felt clean and detoxed, long, sexy, light and glowing. I looked good and fresh the next day. I was getting compliments from my glowing skin, which I guess spikes up my serotonin and dopamine levels and my ego was rejoicing to hear that. J

And so I came back the next day, and signed up for a 10-class pass. The rest is history.

Fast-forward 2020, I’m still into yoga and it will always be close to my heart, albeit I see it differently know. My motivations are bigger now than just looking good in a bikini. I don’t do hot yoga anymore as I’ve started liking other yoga practices. I do have my yoga off-seasons too as I venture other sports, but somehow, life brings me back to it. I’ve learned to embrace it as a lifestyle, and I wouldn’t mind doing Sun Salutations for as long I can.