My Favourite Asana

I’m sure most people who practice yoga will have certain poses which they prefer / like more than others.

For some, it may be inversions or arm balances. For others, perhaps it’s the more relaxing asanas that help them improve their overall wellbeing.

For me, I think I’m more drawn to the Warrior Pose(s).

Virabhadrasana 1, 2, and 3 intrigued me with the strong and stable stance, fortifying the body both physically and mentally. Very apt to their names, the warrior poses strengthens the limbs, opens your heart and chest, and enhances focus and stability. This pose is so straightforward, you can almost literally see a person’s strength and determination just by looking at their Virabhadrasana.

Being a legs person, I tend to always focus on my legs in any kind of exercise or movement. I enjoy using my legs to help manoeuvre the rest of the body. I trust my feet to carry my weight and depend on my quadriceps femoris to keep me grounded and stable. But the warrior pose is more than just legs. You have to actively engage shoulders, hips, and even the spine. Basically the entire self (even the metal self!) is being worked, and this is why it is, and will be, one of my favourite asanas in my personal practice. 🙂