My Favorite Pranayama

Pranayama is the breathing in technique we practice in yoga. There are many benefit of Pranayama and it has been proven by science (refer to the attached video). What I really like about pranayama is it really calm me down and I’m always very relax after some pranayama. And these are my favorite pranayama.

1. Nadi Sodhana
To preform Nadi Sodhana, we must first preform Vishnu Mudra on our right hand. Reminder, MUST BE RIGHT HAND. Left hand on Gyan Mudra or Chin Mudra. Then we will start alternate nostril breathing.
In the morning, we will start inhale with our right nostril first, then exhale from the left. Continue with inhaling from the left then exhale from the right. But how? Use your thumb and ring finger to close the alternate nostril when we inhale and exhale.

At night, we will then inhale with our left nostril first and repeat the steps above.

The recommended ratio will be 1:2 for beginner. Ie, inhale 4 counts, exhale 8 counts.

2. Anuloma Viloma
Anuloma Viloma is similar with Nadi Sodahana but with a holding of breath in between. Recommended ratio for beginner is 1:2:2 (inhale: hold: exhale)

For example, inhale 4 counts, hold 8 counts, exhale 8 counts.

I have been practicing this everyday and I hope you too. And I hope you enjoy the video below.