My bus journey

My bus journey
I find bus journeys on the whole relaxing as the control of the speed of travelling and the time are in the hands of the driver. As opposed to driving yourself, one can enjoy the passing scenery, read a book or indeed meditate or contemplate the day’s events. Sometimes it can be educational to witness human behaviours and even gauge the current fashion scene.
On one such journey on the No 12 bus, except for the droning of the bus engine, I was ‘miles away’ reflecting on the lecture just before I got on; Patanjali’s 8 limbs.
Suddenly a high pitched desperate voice behind me pierced through the silence in the bus. Despite my repeated attempts to ‘shut’ it out, it got more frantic and louder. Unfortunately, the bits that penetrated me went like this…….
“Why TV on???” LOUD
“Have you finished your homework?” LOUD
“Why are you not doing your homework?” LOUDER
“Listen, if you don’t pass your exam I will kill you!!” LOUDEST
“You must study hard so later on you will get a good job” DESPERATE
“When I reach home and your homework not finished, I won’t
give you pocket money” DESPERATE
Obviously it was a mother ‘talking’ to a child. After I alighted with a sign of relief, it dawned on me that this experience although unpleasant provided good examples of Patanjali’s Yamas and Niyamas NOT IN ACTION.
This lady’s outburst resulted in the following:

  1. ‘Robbed’ her fellow passengers’ enjoyment of the bus journey. (Asteya)
  2. Wasted/stole her child’s time by keeping him/her on the phone for so long. (Asteya)
  3. Threatened her child with violence (Ahimsa)
  4. Used bribery with pocket money (Aparigraha)
  5. Parenting on the bus is hardly appropriate behaviour (Tapas)
  6. Told her child that a good job is the result of studying hard (??) (Satya)
  7. Apparent concern for her child has resulted in this outburst, no restraint(Brahmacharya)

Now, in my heart, I thank this lady for her timely illustration of what I had just learnt. An unpleasant experience has been turned around (“Dissolved”)
Val Adams

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