My Best Friend, My First Student

Yesterday, was my very first lesson as a teacher. Even though it was my friend, i was feeling rather tensed up to conduct! However the feeling gradually subsided as the lesson went by.
And i realised, coaching an all beginner’s class is extremely different from a beginner who at least knows abit about yoga. It was a challenge to even get them to flow from one move to another, needless to say about the proper alignment and postures. And amusingly, like what we said to the masters in our first few lessons while doing Marichyasana, “my hand is too short, i cant bind”. That’s exactly what my friend complained! “my legs are too long, i can’t put my heels down” while doing downward facing dog, when i got her to straighten the back and putting the heels down.  HAHA.
It was a one-to-one personal lesson, and i think it was really nice, it felt more exclusive and i could put all my attention on her, allowing her to work out to her max. Though she was complaining about aches here and there today, but this shows i worked her hard. (And, isnt this the time for us to compensate for all the pain and sweat we’ve been through all these while! haha) Soaking in perspiration after the lesson, it also changed her perception of yoga being one with only easy,simple stretches!
Now, i feel the satisfaction to make one work out, sweat it all, be a teacher to all. It’s a feeling hard to describe, a feeling you can’t derive from other jobs. Love it, more lessons to come! (:

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